What to expect

Your first appointment will be a personal appointment with Dr Gianni, to see what your weight goals are and to see what your objectives are. After all the required tests and measurements are taken, Dr Gianni will work out an appropriate plan for you to help you reach your weight goals. These will be specifically tailored to your needs. This information will be given to you on your second visit. Ongoing check-ups will be held personally with Dr Gianni.

Phone support is given to our clients.

Additionally, support is provided in our client only area on our website.

In this client only area of our website, you will find additional weight loss tips, recipes, food to add into your nutrition and foods to eliminate.

The Additional benefits for clients include fortnightly workshops on different topics at no extra cost. Some of these topics include:

  • Energy and Immune system
  • Exercises
  • Nutrition
  • RF456 Workout
  • Stress, Health and Happiness
  • Traction
  • 100 Year Lifestyle